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Our Property

Enjoy the tranquility of the old south. Stress starts to slip away as you enter the front gate of the "park-like" grounds with old majestic trees covered in Spanish Moss.  The main house, built in 1855, seems to beckon you to come sit on its wraparound gallery (porch) and unwind.  The fountain bubbling in the backgound is a welcome sound.  The Carriage house is where the six beautifully appointed B&B suites are located (three on the main level and three on the second floor).  The second floor suits  open onto a balcony overlooking a vast covered deck on the main level.

There are many places to relax including an in-ground pool area (currently under renovation) which also has a gas BBQ patio area. Or, read a book on the main home's gallery and feel the gentle southern breeze, or learn about the people who built this house and take a tour of the grounds including homes from 1826 and a cemetery.  It is all up to you and no driving required. 

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